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Foshan Pluto Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

       Plutosteel is the leading staircase specialist in China. Since 2010, we have been building staircases of all shapes and sizes for households and businesses. With more than a decade of experience in engineering and construction, our team is capable of overseeing the design, construction and implementation of staircases, delivering results that are safe, beautiful and functional. Our extensive knowledge incorporating the pinnacle of construction innovation and technological know-how has enabled us to quickly establish ourselves as a pioneer in the industry.

       In recent years,we spread our service to the field in stainless steel Fabrication.For example ,partition,PVD glass door,window mesh,wine cabinet,stainless steel furniture and decorations.Also,we will give customer professional advice in stainless steel decoration project.

       When you build a coperation with Plutosteel, you can expect exceptional commitment to quality service, state-of-the-art manufacture and uncompromising quality expectations.